Recycling and Reusing Clementine Crates

Save a little money by checking out some the following frugal ideas for repurposing those little Clemmies boxes.


  • Use boxes to store apples, onions, and potatoes in empty crates.
  • Keep one in a kitchen cabinet next to the stove to hold cooking oils, salt, pepper, and other handy items for cooking.
  • Corral bottles of detergent, stain sprays, window cleaners and dryer sheets and keep under the sink. Use another one for cleanup rags.


  • Put one on the top of your toilet tank to keep extra rolls of toilet paper in.
  • Use them inside bathroom cupboards to organize such as bottles, hand creams, bath essentials and more.


Keep a secret stash of romance novels inside one and slip it under the bed, away from nosy family members.

Other Household Uses

  • Organize mail: one for outgoing mail, one for bills, and one for coupons and takeout menus.
  • Store crafts and office supplies, greeting cards, receipts, small toys or odds and ends in the garage.
  • Use for holding magazines, DVDs, CDs, cords, bills, school supplies or photos.
  • Organize smaller items like golf balls, jewelry, baby socks, seeds, rubber bands, loose change, etc.
  • Combined with plastic yoghurt pots, use to hold pens, markers, and crayons.


  • Use as container gardens. Line the bottom and sides with a plastic garbage bag to cover the sides. Then put in potting soil and your plants.
  • Sow some grass or wheat grass indoors in a crate to create a cheap and easy table centerpiece.
  • Use them to contain herbs or plants that tend to spread underground when planted in the garden. For example, mint is a plant that can spread very quickly and overtake a garden. Plant these inside the crates and, once ready for the garden, simply remove the bottom of the crate and bury it into the ground.
  • Use to hold seed packets, organize tools, and garden tools in the garage or shed.


Make a little doll bed. Remove any loose staples, sand the wooden sides, and then paint the crate. For feet, glue wood beads or wine corks to the bottom.

Gift Baskets

They are the perfect size to fill with homemade jams, breads, cookies, and other handmade gifts. Simply fill and give.

Other Uses

  • If you keep chickens, they make good nest boxes.
  • Keep your pets toys in them.
  • Use as a portable snack box to hold picnic lunches or dinner on the porch.
  • Break apart for kindling.

These are only a few frugal ideas for reusing these versatile little boxes and these ideas will save you a little money.